Calculate your ROI

Keeping employees safe is always a number one priority for an organization however financial incentives are also beneficial in helping to improve the safety program. It's necessary for organizations to understand how much they could be entitled to if successful in achieving COR Certification. Currently the incentive is 10% of assessment, calculated on base rate.

WorkSafeBC uses the following calculation to determine the incentive amount:
Employer's reported assessable payroll x (CU base rate / 100) x 10%

Here you can calculate your organization’s potential incentive.

*Please note potential incentives calculated on this page are not a guarantee of actual WorkSafeBC incentive payment amounts.


CU Base Rates (2019) 


To calculate your potential incentive:

Step 1:  Insert your $ amount of assessable payroll from your most recent WorkSafeBC reported payroll that was used to calculate your current WorkSafeBC insurance premium.

Step 2:  Insert your $ amount from link above into the CU Base Rate field below.